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Blockchain Smart-Contract

Stage Meta TPAs smart-contract public methods documentation:
you can get our latest smart-contract details from Latest contract API.

Plaque price method:

The plaquePrice() is a public method that allows users to get the current TPA price.

Check mintTransfer method:

The checkMintTransfer() is a public method that allows users to check whether the given TPA names are available for purchase or have already been minted. It takes two input parameters: _names, an array of bytes32 representing the TPA names to be checked, and _amounts, an array of uint32 representing the amount of TPAs to be checked.

MintTransfer method:

The mintTransfer() is a payable method that allows users to buy newly minted TPAs. To use this method, you need to send plaquePrice * _names.length amount of value in Wei to this transaction as TPAs price.

Token owners method:

The tokenOwners() is a public method that takes a plaque ID _plaqueId as input and returns an array of addresses of token owners who own the plaque with the given ID.
If you're using typescript code examples in methods page, before every example use this code here to prepare your provider to web3, ethereum wallet, smart-contract instance and abi.
import axios from "axios";
import { ethers, providers, utils } from "ethers";
const provider = new providers.WebSocketProvider(
"wss://" // provider
const signer = new ethers.Wallet(
"aab5433a31f1bb3e...", // your ethereum wallet private key
const res = await axios.get(
"" // StageMeta smart-contract contract abi
const abi = JSON.stringify(;
const inter = new utils.Interface(abi);
const stageMetaContract = new ethers.Contract(
"0x4b39ceb401769e3e...", // StageMeta smart-contract address