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API Reference

Plaque Lookup API

The Plaque Lookup API allows you to check if a plaque is available or already sold on the blockchain. This API provides information about the plaque price, status, and other important details to help you make an informed decision when selling plaque

Plaque Prepare API

The Stagemeta Plaques Prepare API allows developers to prepare a plaque to be minted on the Stagemeta blockchain. This API generates the metadata necessary for the plaque to be minted and provides information on pricing, energy usage, and more. This document will provide information on how to use the Stagemeta Plaques Prepare API, including details on the request, response, and errors. to users:

Owner Username API

The Owner Username API is used to retrieve the username of the owner of a particular plaque.
This API endpoint allows users to retrieve a list of all featured plaques. Featured plaques are those that have been selected by our team to be highlighted and promoted on our platform.

Latest Contract API

The Contract API is used to retrieve the latest deployed version of the Stagemeta contract. This API provides a JSON response containing the contract's address and ABI.

Plaques List API

The Stagemeta plaques API allows developers to retrieve information about unique Metaverse Teleport plaques. This includes details about the plaque such as its ID, name, status, condition, and sale information. The API also allows developers to filter and sort the results based on various criteria, such as the plaque's condition, marketplace, status, and featured status.

Buy Plaque API

The Buy Plaque API allows a user to buy a plaque by providing payment information and personal details. The API uses the HTTP POST method to send a request to the server and HTTP response codes to return the status of the request.

Stage Wallet Authentication API

The Stage Wallet Authentication API allows a user to sign in or sign in without any third-party wallet like meta mask, by signing up with this API we create a wallet on the eth network for you.

Email Verification API

The Email Verification API allows a user to verify his own email address and get an authentication token to sign in.

Orders Statistics API

The Orders Statistics API allows you to retrieve information about plaques sold within a specific time range. This API is accessible via an HTTP GET request and requires the from and to parameters to specify the date range.

Request For Private Key API

This Request allows users to get an email two-factor code for getting their own private key.

Private Key API

This Request will return users their own private key to import or buy with a stage wallet account.

User Profile API

The API endpoint is used for retrieving and updating user profiles on the Stagemeta platform. The HTTP GET request retrieves the profile of the currently authenticated user by providing an access token in the Authorization header. The response body contains a JSON object with the user's profile data. The HTTP POST request updates the user's profile with the provided information. The request body contains multipart form data including the new username, password, phone number, and an optional image encoded in base64. The response body contains a JSON object with the updated user profile data as well as a new access token if the authorization token has expired or been refreshed. Both requests require a valid access token for authentication.